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Calindiana Modern Farmhouse Metal Magnetic Lint Bin for Laundry Room Decor and Accessories with Lid and Laundry Organization and Storage Wall Mount Space Saving Washer Dryer Trash Can, Glossy Black

Calindiana Modern Farmhouse Metal Magnetic Lint Bin for Laundry Room Decor and Accessories with Lid and Laundry Organization and Storage Wall Mount Space Saving Washer Dryer Trash Can, Glossy Black

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Brand: Calindiana

Color: Black


  • CALINDIANA LAUNDRY COLLECTION: Fill your laundry room with Calindiana Laundry Collection! We feature modern farmhouse laundry room style and are focused on enhancing laundry room organization and storage. Use this lint bin to replace a lint trash can, get our powder bin to store any laundry essentials of your choice (just not any liquids), and get our dryer sheets holder to store either dryer sheets or dryer balls. Go get our entire laundry collection and you won’t be disappointed!
  • SPACE SAVER (Laundry Room Essentials): Use this stylish and slim waste bin to clean up the lint from your dryer. This surely replaces the need to keep a trash can. It also has both built-in keyhole hangers to easily mount it to the wall and strong magnetic backing so you can attach it on your washer or dryer
  • MODERN FARMHOUSE DESIGN: Lint Bin is elegantly printed on the bin and its tin material provides both modern and farmhouse vibes to your laundry room. This bin’s black color will blend seamlessly with any laundry interior scheme and washer/dryer combo. This bin also features a lid to prevent laundry lint from escaping
  • HIGH QUALITY: If you need a lint bin that will hold up under any conditions, look no further. This bin is made of sturdy tin material and spacious enough with 7.3(L)X3.5(W)X10.2(H) inch size dimensions. With highly strong and big magnetic backing, this lint bin will be attached to your washer or dryer firmly with maximum staying power
  • NO MORE LINT BUILDUPS: We are living in a busy world and sometimes or most of the time, we might forget to clean the lint from a lint screen when doing the laundry. Our lint bin will serve as a great reminder for you to remove the lint when the dryer cycle is over and this will definitely fix the lint builds up problems
  • MULTI STORAGE USE: Do not limit the purpose of this lint bin as a lint trash can! Our lint bin is slim enough to fit into any narrow spaces but spacious enough to store sufficient items of your choice. You can store any laundry essentials of your choice including detergent pods, dryer balls, dryer sheets, laundry nets, pegs, and so much more
  • LINT REPURPOSING OPTIONS: Our metal lint bin is the perfect solution for storing lint especially with its lid. There are many ways to repurpose the collected lint. Don’t just throw the lint away. Get creative and repurpose it in many ways including but not limited to making clay and paper mache, lining planters, making a fire starter kit, using it to make handmade papers, and using the natural fibers for mulch or compost
  • PACKAGING DESIGN: Keep this lint keeper for your own laundry room or give it to your loved ones as a gift. This bin is packaged with a beautiful and elegant box and it is a great gift option for your surroundings
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: We are highly confident in our products. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our lint bin, please let us know and we will help you out with the issues you may have

Details: DescriptionPackage including: 1 glossy black colored Lint Bin & 2 screws & anchorsMaterial: Tin Metal & MagnetSize Dimensions: 7.3”WX3.5”DX10.2”LInstalling Options: Use the magnetic backing to attach it on the washer or dryer or use the built-in keyholes to mount it on the wall Space SaverCALINDIANA Lint Bin is a great alternative to trash can to store the lint taken from the dryer.Not only limited to the lint, you are also able to use this bin as a storage for the other laundry essentials such as dryer sheets, detergents, powder, or soaps, etc.This bin is spacious and yet slim enough to be attached in between your narrow-spaced washer and dryer. RepurposeCALINDIANA Lint Bin allows you to reuse the collected lint stored in this bin.When you have collected sufficient lint in this bin, you are able to repurpose it to make clay for your children or in a series of other projects.You don’t have to waste the lint. Creatively repurpose it. Design and QualityCALINDIANA Lint Bin features modern farmhouse design with its black color, printed modern font, and tin metal material.This bin also has a lid so you do not need to worry about the lint to be escaped from the bin and floating around your laundry room.This bin’s back magnetic pad offers highly strong adherence so this would not slide down the metal surfaces of the washer or dryer. Gift OptionCALINDIANA Lint Bin features a modern farmhouse lint bin along with a beautiful packaging. This is a great gift option for your loved ones! CareCALINDIANA Lint Bin allows Hand Wash only.Please do not place this in the dishwasher or use an abrasive sponge to clean this bin.

Package Dimensions: 11.2 x 10.6 x 4.4 inches

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